PROJECTS - Round 1

Blockcerts for ARO and DSTO


Project lead: Samuel KWAN & James PRINCE

Blockchain will be applied to student transcripts, underpinning the development of tools for students to create CVs


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Facial Recognition for Library Services

Project leaders: Samuel KWAN, KT LAM, & Edward SPODICK

Facial recognition software to be implemented for Library access and book checkout


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Pulse of HKUST

Project leader: Huamin QU

Data-driven online platform for communicating campus stories and data, and enhancing social cohesion within the HKUST community


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Smart Mini-grid of 100% Renewable Energy


Project leaders: Tianshou ZHAO

Demonstrate a 100% renewable energy power system on campus with a mini-grid composed of solar panels and an innovative e-fuel energy storage system.


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Smart Mobility: Indoor Navigation and Bus Queue Analytics


Project leaders: Gary CHAN

Employ WiFi sensing and machine learning analytics technology to understand the current waiting time and level of people at our bus stops and create Path Advisor 2.0 to discover one's current location in real time on campus.


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SmART Steps


Project leaders: Kellee TSAI, King CHOW, & Anna KWONG

A broad “arts belt” comprising static and multimedia installations that extend throughout the campus to enhance productivity and promote wellbeing


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Upgrading the Pond Water Treatment System 

Project leaders: Yiu Wing HA, Allan LEUNG, & Vincent WANG

Revitalization of the Chinese garden (pond) with modern filtration systems to achieve a healthy pond ecosystem


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USThing Extension


Project leaders: Kar Yan TAM

The extension of USThing services will include electronic version of student card, chatbot and serve as a centralized platform for different IT services and tools.

Projects - Round 2

Aquaponics in HKUST


Project leaders: LING Li, Miranda MAN

The aquaponic farm developed by many undergraduates and faculty members serves as an educational, living laboratory as well as a green business platform. The farm specifically yields fishes and vegetables with least consumption of resources.


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Solar Cell-Driven and WiFi-functioned Clocks


Project leaders: He YAN

Organic solar cell-powered and Wi-Fi functioned clocks, unlike the analogue clocks we use today, are much accurate and efficient in terms of maintenance. With organic photovoltaic materials, clocks will be self-powered without any battery source. 


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Smart Campus Air Network (SCAN) for Community Environmental Awareness


Project leaders: Zhi NING, Jimmy FUNG, Alex LAU

With cutting-edge technology of Air Quality Health Index sensors as well as Indoor Air Quality sensors, campus community will gain an accurate information on the indoor air quality, thereby improving environmental awareness and gaining educational materials.


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Internet of Tree Things


Project leaders: WANG Yu-Hsing

Among the various kinds of wildlife, trees are an indispensable part for the sustainable development of the HKUST campus. Unfortunately, trees can be attacked by various kinds of diseases and in particular are vulnerable to natural disasters. Internet of Tree Things will provide for an efficient system to maintain and monitor trees.


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Digital Twin for HKUST Campus


Project leaders: Jack CP CHENG, Edward KL CHAN

Digital twins give us a glimpse into what is happening, and what can happen, with physical assets now and far into the future. Digital twin technology can be used to design, test, and build intelligent systems for everything in the physical world; monitor and maintain day-to-day operations; and build immersive location experiences.


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Smart Water Network @ HKUST


Project leaders: GHIDAOUI, MS

Monitoring pipeline leakage using a comprehensive time-reversal technique in visco-elastic pipes.


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GGT Smart Campus

Project leaders: Derry FONG, Alan HUI

As the campus becomes smarter and new technologies flourish, so should the student halls. Making use of IoT sensors and data platforms to improve convenience for both residents and management.


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Projects - Round 3

Self-cleaning Multipurpose Nano-coatings 


Project leaders: Jinglei YANG

Maintaining clean buildings' appearance through in-house developed self-cleaning multipurpose nanocoating that is innovative and saves labor. 


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Autonomous Greywater Treatment


Project leaders: Frank LAM, Desmond TSOI, Xijun HU

This project aims to develop a practical unit for water reclamation from the greywater effluents of the HKUST campus facilities, effectively removing the pollutants and disinfecting the reclaimed effluent in the greywater. 


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Urban Spring Smart Hub


Project leaders: Janice WONG, Katherine LAM, Meike SAUERWEIN, Hung LAU, Chi Sing WONG 

Integration of Urban Spring Smart Hub to existing water dispensers across HKUST campus to enable more efficient drinking water facility management and demystify water quality to community


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You Will See a Hoopoe 


Project leaders: Yu-Hsing WANG

Using AI cameras to identity various bird species and capture pictures of them in order to show the wonderful side of HKUST nature


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Projects - Round 4


Digital Twin+ for HKUST Campus

Project leaders: Jack C P CHENG
An extension of the Digital Twin for HKUST Campus project, this project explores the different uses of HKUST’s digital twin, a digital replica of HKUST’s living and nonliving physical assets and systems.


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Total LED Circadian Rhythm On Bluetooth Mesh

Project leaders: Gary WAN, Arthur LAU, Tom CHONG
The human circadian rhythm is driven by the color temperature and intensity of sunlight throughout the day. Circadian lighting mimics such changes, which can help users realign their circadian rhythm to the clock, or increase focus during an otherwise energy dip at a specific time window.


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A Sustainable Movable Vertical Garden

Project leaders: Marshal LIU, Francesco CIUCCI 
Due to off-grid energy generation and sequestration of CO2 by plants, growing hydroponically or aeroponically, under weather proof conditions, this vertical farm will be net-carbon-negative, all while only taking up less space than a quarter of a badminton court.


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Digital Transformation of Laboratories with Smart Tracking Tray and IoT Technologies

Project leaders: Jinglei YANG, Nathan XU
The X-Tray automatically updates the inventory status and chemical usage history data in seconds by detecting the RFID tag and measuring the change in weight after each take-return action.


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Food Waste Analytics And Visual Feedback For Benchmarking And Behavior Changes

Project leaders: Tim CHENG, Huamin QU
The primary objective is to derive accurate information about the quantity and temporal pattern of food waste for different food categories, as well as other relevant food waste patterns in our dining halls.


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Upcycling Yard and Food Wastes into New Resources: Hydrochar for Supporting HKUST Greening

Project leaders: Anthony LEUNG, Tim Chung LEE
A sustainable way to deal with food and yard waste by converting them into hydrochar, which is a high quality resource that can be used as a soil amendment agent for carbon sequestration, improving soil quality, plant health and ecological restoration.


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SmART Sounds

Project leaders: Kellee TSAI, Andrew Brian HORNER, Kim-Pong TAM
As an artistic and micro-therapeutic extension of SmART Steps, our proposed SmART Sounds project seeks to introduce acoustic interventions in select areas of the campus.


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